Snickers Workwear

Snickers Workwear is one of the leading brands in the workwear industry in Europe and is represented in more than 20 countries. For more than 40 years we have been driving the development of cutting-edge workwear based on the real needs of skilled craftsmen who have to be able to rely on their gear. We strive every day to push the boundaries as regards advanced design allied to superior functionality, comfort, protection and durability. All so that we can make the professional life of hard-working craftsmen easier, safer and more productive. Ultimately keeping them at the forefront. And we know what it takes to get the job done. Snickers Workwear offers advanced workwear for craftsmen who want the ultimate in on-the-job safety, protection and functionality. Snickers Workwear is part of the Hultafors Group - a range of premium brands committed to keeping craftsmen at the forefront. We strive every day to push the boundaries, constantly trying to redefine the very concept of modern work wear. Not developing the most advanced work wear just for the sake of it, but because we know what you're facing every day at work. We know our garments can make a difference that really matters to you. Not only today but also in the long run, so you can look forward to a long and healthy career. On the bottom line, we believe it's your right to stay ahead. Just try any garment in our range and you'll feel it right away. We never compromise. Ever. Contemorary workwear combining an amazing fit and hardwearing comfort with advanced functionality. The ultimate choice for everyday work in all kinds of everyday environments. Taking working comfort and flexibility to the extreme. Advanced workwear with high-tech work trousers, featuring stretch fabric and body-mapped designs. For the fast paced professional, always delivering, always a step ahead. The Snickers Workwear women's range features advanced design for a contemporary female fit with outstanding freedom of movement. Lightweight, quick-drying workwear for cool working comfort. Featuring advanced design and top of the range products with revolutionary 37.5® technology, ensuring outstanding ventilation during intense work and in warmer climates. Tough design for rough work. Heavy-duty workwear combining an amazing fit with reinforced functionality. Designed for professionals relying on their gear in demanding environments. When it comes to advanced work trousers, Snickers Workwear leads the way. Our latest generation of workwear is yet another step. Here our 6-series work trousers and new top wear lay the foundation for our four concept families which let you pick the right clothing from top to toe. Start by looking at your workday and decide on the family of trousers that offer the right functionality, durability and comfort for you. Once you’ve picked the trousers you can just follow the family one step at the time. Floorlayer? Then you’ll love our floorlayer trousers with advanced Twisted Leg™ design and coated Kevlar® reinforcements at the knees. Like floating on air, they are designed for maximum knee protection and working comfort. So think of our floorlayer’s trousers as the perfect solution if you spend a lot of time on your knees. Because now you can take to the floor with pleasure. Hard-working craftsmen put more pressure on their knees than many top athletes have to endure. It’s the reason why Snickers Workwear is developing the most advanced knee protection possible. With our range of cutting-edge kneepads you can count on superior EN 14404-certified knee protection. With Snickers Workwear you can count on reliable protection with advanced materials whatever the season. From winter to summer, we’ve got the right work jacket designed for your on-the-job needs. Let weather have no say. Just get dressed for it and keep on working. Snickers Workwear offer different types of rainwear to fit every kind of workday. To keep you moving freely. Our new waterproof shell jackets have an engineered fit with pre-bent sleeves to keep you moving freely plus they are reinforced and hardwearing to match the work you do. You will also find practical pockets, smart functionality and of course excellent ventilation and breathability to keep you dry from within. For less active jobs, when ventilation is not as crucial, our PU garments are ideal. Even the pockets of great work trousers are sometimes not enough to hold the tools you need. And a toolbox might not be portable enough. When it comes to carrying your tools Snickers Workwear offer a flexible system that is easily adapted to your needs. Choose between a complete belt with pouches and braces or pick your own combination. When working hard or in warm climates, staying cool and fresh is not only a question of working comfort. It’s also essential when it comes to safety at work. It helps you stay focused and alert, minimising the risk of making bad decisions. So when the going gets hot and humid, opt for our pioneering range of extremely quick-drying top wear, ensuring you stay dry, cool and ventilated all day long. On a cold day it’s easy to go straight for an insulated jacket. Instead, learn to dress in layers and start next to your skin by choosing the right first layer. This is the key to keeping your body dry and ventilated throughout your workday. In our range of underwear you will find different base layers dedicated to matching different needs for warmth and moisture transport, while offering the best possible comfort and a body-engineered fit. The Snickers Workwear women’s range is all about one thing: uncompromising functionality, working comfort and protection, specifically designed for women. Take our women’s work trousers for example. They feature a low cut for women, Twisted Leg™ design and Snickers Workwear Gusset™ in the crotch for a perfect female fit and maximum freedom of movement. Our cutting-edge range of High-Vis garments takes personal protection to the next level. Giving you the renowned Snickers Workwear functionality and working comfort – while making sure you are seen at all times. Our painters workwear is a cutting-edge range designed for hard-working men and women who deserve the best. With advanced ergonomic design and a perfect fit, our painter’s collection combines outstanding comfort and freedom of movement with exactly the right built-in functionality you need to get your job done. Making your workday easier, safer and more productive. Painting has never been more enjoyable. We know you run a fast-paced operation. Performing your best and always making a good impression is everyday business. And that is what our Service Line is all about. A range of garments designed specifically to help you and your company deliver a top-quality service that your customers will remember. Whether you are in transport, distribution, maintenance, assembly, light industry or perhaps facility management, our new Service Line is ready to deliver. Combining contemporary design for amazing fit and comfort with just the right functionality. And of course, every garment is ready for your company logo. Doing a professional job is the best way to spread the word about your company. Combined with professional profiling you will double the impact. At Snickers Workwear we are happy to assist you with everything from heat-sealing and customised embroidery to personalised packaging. All it takes to help you show your skills. Your hands are your most important tools, so we want to give them the best. With our wide range of advanced work gloves you can count on the ultimate combination of functionality, durability and protection to match your job. Cut and sewn or seamless coated? Whatever your preference, count on cutting-edge work gloves made of superior materials with class-leading performance and working comfort. It takes a long time to master a craft. So, what better way than to start early? Snickers Workwear Junior wear is hardwearing to withstand the wear and tear of games while providing great functionality for anyone taking the first steps as an apprentice. When done right, company profiling pays off. It is a stamp of quality that says a lot about you and your company. It helps your company stand out, making it more distinct and recognised for the right reasons.
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CoolTwill Craftsmen Holster Pocket Trousers

Stay cool in these work trousers made in lightweight CoolTwill fabric, features an advanced cut with Twisted Leg™ design, Cordura® reinforcements for extra durability and a range of pockets, including holster pockets and phone compartment. Snickers Workwear CoolTwill Craftsmen Holster Pocket Trousers (SI002): 65% Polye..


DuraTwill Craftsmen Holster Pocket Trousers

Extremely hard-wearing work trousers made in dirt repellent DuraTwill fabric, features an advanced cut with Twisted Leg™ design, Cordura® reinforcements for extra durability and a range of pockets, including holster pockets and phone compartment. Snickers Workwear DuraTwill Craftsmen Holster Pocket Trousers (SI001): 52..


Logo Hoodie

Hood on or hood off? It’s up to you in this hardworking hoodie made in heavy and durable yet soft and comfortable fabric, features thumb grip which holds the cuffs in position. Snickers Workwear Logo Hoodie (SI010): 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester; Weight: 330gsm; Highly stable three thread fabric that keeps its shape, wash..


Ripstop Craftsmens Winter Jacket

For everyday on-the-job warmth, wear this rip-stop winter jacket in ergonomic and contemporary design, water repellent outside, cosy lined inside, comfortable, reliable and affordable. Snickers Workwear Ripstop Craftsmens Winter Jacket (SI031): 100% Polyester Ripstop; Weight: 230gsm; True pre-bent sleeves with ergonomi..


Ripstop Floorlayer Holster Pocket Trousers

Save your knees, count on reliable protection and functionality every working day in these advanced floorlayer trousers, that features an innovative cut for a perfect fit and coated Kevlar® reinforcements on the knees for extra durability. Snickers Workwear Ripstop Floorlayer Holster Pocket Trousers (SI003): 65% Polyes..


XTR D3O Craftsmen Kneepads

Flexible when working, tough on impact, active kneepads for active craftsmen, featuring shock-absorbing D3O® material for extreme protection and durability. Ready for the Snickers Workwear KneeGuard™ positioning system. EN 14404 (Type 2, Level 1). Snickers Workwear XTR D3O® Craftsmen Kneepads (SI050): 100% Polyolefin a..


Zipped Logo Hoodie

Open to ventilate, close to stay warm, enjoy this hardworking zipped hoodie made in heavy, durable fabric that’s equally soft and comfortable, features thumb grip which holds the cuffs in position. Snickers Workwear Zipped Logo Hoodie (SI011): 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester; Weight: 330gsm; Highly stable three thread fabri..