Workwear Accessories

Workwear Accessories
Modern America was built with Dickies Workwear. Since 1922, America’s hardest working men and women have chosen our hard-wearing workwear to build, maintain, and cultivate a continent. Their Dickies Workwear helped them do a better job. When their work took them down to their hands and knees or the weather turned against them, their workwear flexed with them. It protected them from knocks and abrasion, and kept them warm, dry, or cool according to their needs. After almost a century of hard work, they know what makes a comfortable fit. They’re now a global brand with regional styles to suit the tastes, tasks, and climates of a hard-working world. They supply a full range of personal protective equipment and, for full-service workwear, they’re the world’s trusted leader. They're the preferred choice for workers worldwide. Regatta Professional workwear accessories collection is your one stop shop for work accessories. Regatta Professional range of workwear accessories sure to have product for everyone! With over 100 years of experience and a heritage of quality, value and service, Portwest is firmly established as a world leader in the design and manufacture of stylish, comfortable, high-quality workwear that meets recognised international standards. They listen carefully to the customers and continuously improve their range by designing and using new materials as well as developing function in their products. Their extensive and unique collection of workwear protects people all over the world in diverse industries. Snickers Workwear is the ultimate choice for everyday work in all kinds of everyday environments. Taking working comfort and flexibility to the extreme. Advanced workwear with high-tech work trousers, featuring stretch fabric and body-mapped designs. For the fast paced professional, always delivering, always a step ahead. The Snickers Workwear women's range features advanced design for a contemporary female fit with outstanding freedom of movement. Lightweight, quick-drying workwear for cool working comfort. Featuring advanced design and top of the range products with revolutionary 37.5® technology, ensuring outstanding ventilation during intense work and in warmer climates. Tough design for rough work. Heavy-duty workwear combining an amazing fit with reinforced functionality. Designed for professionals relying on their gear in demanding environments. When it comes to advanced work trousers, Snickers Workwear leads the way.
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Knee Pad

The ultimate in knee protection and wearer comfort, ergonomically designed knee pads providing durability, comfort and protection. This knee pad fits all Portwest garments and does not hinder the wearer in any way when walking. Portwest Knee Pad (PW102): EVA Foam; Ergonomically designed to hug your knee; Fits all Portw..


Knee Pad Inserts

Dickies Workwear Knee Pad Inserts (WD120): Bi-Density Vinyl Acetate Co-Polymer (EVA Foam); EN14404: 2004+A1; Lightweight and comfortable; Flexible cushioned knee pads easily inserted into Dickies Coverall and trouser pouches. Sizes: One size fits most. Discount: Pack (10); Carton (50); Large Carton (100)...


Knee Pads

Regatta Professional Knee Pads (RG282): EVA Foam: Ethylene and Vinyl Acetate; Strong hardwearing and flexible; Lightweight and durable; Protective cushioned kneepads; Ergonomic design for advanced comfort and fit; Compatible with Regatta workwear trousers. Sizes: One size fits most. Discount: Pack (12); Carton (60); La..


Open Tool Bag

Soft shell open tool bag with collapsible sides and removable PVC base, provides easy access for all contents, incorporates a strengthened bar with cushion grip for ease of mobility. Portwest Open Tool Bag (PW451): Collapsible design; 4 open pouches; 1 covered pocket; 1 D-ring; 6 outer attachment loops; 14 inner attach..


Premium Workwear Belt with Stretch

Regatta Professional Premium Workwear Belt with Stretch (RG230): Polypropylene elastane; Compatible with Regatta workwear trousers; Stretch belt for maximum comfort; Fully adjustable; Lightweight and durable; Regatta Hardwear branded snap lock buckle. Sizes: One size fits most. Discount: Pack (6); Carton (60); Large Ca..


XTR D3O Craftsmen Kneepads

Flexible when working, tough on impact, active kneepads for active craftsmen, featuring shock-absorbing D3O® material for extreme protection and durability. Ready for the Snickers Workwear KneeGuard™ positioning system. EN 14404 (Type 2, Level 1). Snickers Workwear XTR D3O® Craftsmen Kneepads (SI050): 100% Polyolefin a..