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Premier Workwear are a manufacturer of high quality staff uniforms for people working in the hospitality, corporate, beauty and healthcare industries. What sets us apart from the competition is our extensive range of colour with key pieces available in up to 60 shades. All our clothes are perfect for print or embroidery personalisation and can be bought from suppliers across Europe. Premier Workwear was established in 1999 and with 16 years of experience in the apparel industry, we are leaders in our field. We supply staff uniforms to the corporate, hospitality, beauty and healthcare industries and our product range is ever changing to ensure that we reflect the latest fashions of the modern workplace. What really sets us apart from the competition is our extensive choice of colours that work with every conceivable brand image and corporate identity. Many of our pieces are available in up to 58 colours so you can put together a stylish uniform that creates exactly the right impression. HOSPITALITYWEAR: The dining experience can only be enhanced by the smart and stylish appearance of the waiting staff. Delicious colours together with a eclectic mix of styles are the perfect ingredients to creating an appropriate staff uniform that can really help to put a business in the spotlight. Co-ordinated uniforms amongst colleagues not only look great but will make them feel great too. Twenty-first century hospitality demands high standards and Premier Workwear can help with an abundance of modern, fun and exciting uniform choices that will really help staff wear their service with a smile! CORPORATEWEAR: The smart choice for customer service, reception staff and sales teams with everything from classic oxford cuts to contemporary poplin shirts. Corporate branding is not always about the multi million pound advertising campaigns - effective branding can be achieved simply by ensuring that employees are dressed to impress. CHEFSWEAR: The kitchen is the playground of the passionate - a place where culinary excellence meets artistic flare and temperatures often reach boiling point! When the heat is on in the kitchen, chef can look cool, calm and calculated in a Premier Workwear outfit designed for comfort and style. Easy wearing chefs trousers and paired with smart and stylish chefs jackets, coats and polo tops. With unisex styling across and breadth of sizes and colours, our menu is varied and designed to impress. Just as the finest culinary dish should contain ingredients and flavours that complement, Premier's chefswear collection is the recipe for success! BEAUTY AND HEALTHCARE: Why reserve the gloss and glamour for your clients? Now you can give your staff the ultimate beauty treatment with the new collection from Premier. Our design team has taken care to lavish attention on the quality and styling of our salon wardrobe to create a look that's graceful, elegant and ever so glamorous. Our gorgeous tunics fit and flatter with clever details and vibrant splashes of colour. They co-ordinate effortlessly with our straight and cropped salon trousers and chic colourful blouses to create a wardrobe that works for you. Looking good at all times is paramount, so all our fabrics are designed to stay fresh, bright and beautifully radiant. At Premier Workwear we take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously and we continue to invest to ensure that the long term vision for the company is sustainable in relation to the environment and the people that live and work alongside us. Certifications of compliance that Premier Workwear and our suppliers’ have been awarded and give you access to statements and documentation so you have confidence that we are working to the highest ethical, social and environmental standards we can.
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3 Open Pocket Waist Apron

This short waiting apron featuring three open pockets, useful for carrying tablet devices and payment terminals, this popular style is available in Black with self-fabric ties. Premier Workwear 3 Open Pocket Waist Apron (PR109): 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton; Weight: 245gsm; Klopman Indestructible fabric; Short style bar..


Bistro Apron with Pocket

A long bistro apron that features a pad pocket to the right which hangs down off the waistband of the apron, the pocket has a useful combined pen compartment, making this apron ideal for restaurant staff. Premier Workwear Bistro Apron with Pocket (PR156): 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Twill; Weight: 195gsm; Bistro style w..


Blossom Beauty and SPA Tunic

Premier's 'Blossom' beauty and spa tunic has a feature button front fastening with a concealed zip, the short sleeves and princess seams along with side vents and a back pleat make for a practical garment that is easy to work in whilst retaining style. Premier Workwear Blossom Beauty and SPA Tunic (PR683): 100% Polyest..


Bow Tie

A bow tie with a hook 'n' bar fastening at the back, the perfect accessory for waiters and waitresses who need a more formal approach to their hospitality wear. Premier Workwear Bow Tie (PR705): 100% Polyester Satin Weave; Hook and bar fastening; Individually wrapped. Sizes: One size fits most. Washing Instructions: Wi..


Camellia Beauty and SPA Tunic

The 'Camellia' beauty and spa tunic has an understated elegance with a cross over contrast neckline and asymmetric zip front, the vented cuff on the short sleeves and the side vents ensure ease of movement whilst the princess seams with added topstitch detail create a very flattering fit. Premier Workwear Camellia Beau..


Candy Stripe Tie

A colourful tie with a candy striped style, mix and match Premier ties with our range of coloured Poplin shirts, a blade width of 10cm with a total length of 144cm. Premier Candy Stripe Tie (PR766): 100% Polyester; Weight: 195gsm; Blade Width: 10cm; Length: 144cm. Sizes: One size fits most. Washing Instructions: Domest..


Chefs Jacket Studs

Removable plastic stud buttons that co-ordinate with Premier's PR661 Cuisine Chef Jacket, simply attach these studs onto the button holes on the jacket and fasten as normal. Premier Workwear Chefs Jacket Studs (PR652): Durable Plastic; Coloured self affixing studs; Jacket studs for use with PR661 gourmet chef's jacket;..


Chefs Scarf

Chef can choose to wear this triangular scarf as a bandana, neckerchief or headband, the colours available match the apron, stud and cap range from Premier so chef can co-ordinate. Premier Workwear Chefs Scarf (PR654): Colours and Checked: 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Twill; Stripes: 100% Cotton Twill; Colours and Checke..


Chefs Skull Cap

A useful piece of headwear for when a hygienic approach is required in kitchen and catering environments, this easy wearing skull cap has an elasticated back so One size fits most. Premier Workwear Chefs Skull Cap (PR653): Colours and Checked: 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Twill; Stripes: 100% Cotton Twill; Colours and Ch..


Chefs Zandana

A popular piece of headwear seen in many kitchen and catering environments, this Zandana is easy wearing with two ties at the back providing adequate protection for staff working in hygiene sensitive environments. Premier Workwear Chefs Zandana (PR658): 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Twill; Weight: 195gsm; Zandana; Two ti..


Childrens Bib Apron

A children's apron which is available in 20 vibrant colours matching the popular 'Colours' collection from Premier, this bib apron is available in infant and junior sizing and features a snap release buckle on the neckband so if any strain is felt on the neck, the band releases quickly and safely. Premier Workwear Chil..


Classic Stripe Bib Apron

A popular choice for chefs, this full bib apron has 'Butcher's' style stripes down the length of the apron and across the neckband and ties. A traditional favourite amongst catering professionals, this apron is available in Blue, Black and Grey with White striped detail. Premier Workwear Classic Stripe Bib Apron (PR110..


Clip Tie

A clip-on tie suitable for those working in hazardous environments, the tie attaches on to the collar with a steel clip and hangs at a length of 50cm. Premier Workwear Clip Tie (PR710): 100% Polyester plain weave; Easy-wear clip-on tie; Steel clip fastening; Blade width: 8cm; Total length of 50cm. Sizes: One size fits ..


Colours 2-in-1 Apron

This 'Colours Collection' 2 in 1 apron allows the wearer choice and flexibility in how its worn, initially a short bib apron, it doubles over and the neck ties fasten away to form a waist apron. Both styles have three functional pockets for carrying the tools of the trade. Premier Workwear Colours 2-in-1 Apron (PR159):..


Colours 3 Pocket Apron

A popular style of apron seen in many bars and restaurants, this short waist apron has three open pockets and comes in 28 colours from the Premier 'Colours' collection. The pockets are great for carrying payments terminals and tablet devices. Premier Workwear Colours 3 Pocket Apron (PR155): 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton T..


Colours Bar Apron

A bar apron that falls to a length of 80cm offering the wearer maximum coverage, this apron comes in 28 colours and is part of the 'Colours' collection from Premier. To the centre of the apron is a useful centre pocket for carrying tablet devices, together with a combined pen compartment. Premier Workwear Colours Bar A..


Colours Bip Apron

Our best-selling apron available is available in sixty colours, this full bib apron is part of the 'Colours Collection' from Premier where the customers can be reassured of an exact pantone match across the range of garments. Premier Workwear Colours Bip Apron (PR150): 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Twill; Weight: 195gsm; ..


Colours Bip Apron With Pocket

A classic bib apron that features a centre pocket with built in pen pocket, available in 40 colours from the Premier 'Colours' collection, this apron has a sliding adjustable buckle on the neckband so the wearer can adjust the overall length. Premier Workwear Colours Bip Apron With Pocket (PR154): 65% Polyester / 35% C..


Colours Business Scarf

A ladies' plain business scarf that has a satin feel to the fabric, this scarf can be worn in a number of ways on the neckline and comes in 22 vibrant colours to match your corporate colours. Premier Workwear Colours Business Scarf (PR730): 100% Polyester; Ladies plain business scarf; A width of 25cm, length 140cm; Com..


Colours Fashion Clip Tie

This is a clip version of Premier's 'Colours' fashion tie that is easily attached on to the shirt collar by a steel clip and hangs to a length of 47cm. Available in 23 colours to match the rest of the 'Colours Collection' from Premier. Premier Workwear Colours Fashion Clip Tie (PR785): 100% Polyester; Clip version of P..