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Nimbus Scandinavian Apparel started out as an entrepreneurial idea, and for over twenty years we have built upon that idea. We have become known for our ability to adapt smart Scandinavian design to the modern corporate world. We under stand the need for functionality, but we don’t compromise on quality. Our main objective is to deliver retail inspired outerwear and clothing that is tailored towards providing a positive corporate fashion experience. From the beginning we have kept true to our Scandinavian heritage and our Copenhagen roots. Since our founding we have watched our city grow, and we have grown with it. Copenhagen is a city that is proud of its traditions and its history. Its cobblestone streets, grand cathedrals, majestic royal palaces and stunning waterfront views. It is a city that has always punched above its weight and sought to outdo itself. But for us, the Danish capital is so much more than just a home, it is inspiration. Copenhagen manages to be aware of and build upon its history, without losing sight of the future. Without forgetting to push on, to go forwards – and we plan to go with it. Copenhagen is the city that made us. Nimbus Scandinavian Apparel is privileged to exist in this universe, where ambition and inspiration thrives, and nothing is off limits. We have expanded our horizon alongside the Danish fashion industry, and now there is no going back. Danish fashion is here to stay. The passion and entrepreneurship, upon which Nimbus Scandinavian Apparel identity was founded, is the key element in our existence. It is a passion build on the initial idea of creating a more well-dressed future within the promotional business. This is who we are… The story of Nimbus Scandinavian Apparel is a great Danish entrepreneurial tale. Operating out of Copenhagen’s North Harbour district, a port area once dominated by shipping and industry, Nimbus Scandinavian Apparel has become known for tastefully combining smart Scandinavian design with functional details, providing a positive corporate fashion experience. Our main objective is to deliver retail inspired outerwear and clothing with a clear Scandinavian heritage: All of our products are designed in Denmark and distributed throughout Europe via a highly dedicated sales team and a network of well established ambassadors. Due to our participation in the UN's Global Compact and our obligations to live up to the regulations under REACH and integrate these principles into our business, we are committed to act in accordance with our social and environmental responsibility and our company’s Code of Conduct. The principles of the UN’s Global Compact and REACH sets an example and indicates ways in which we as a company - through our actions - can respect fundamental both human and labor rights and show responsibility for the environment. Our participation helps us maintain our focus on social and environmental responsibility in our activities and ensure continual communication on the progress we make in the implementation of a sustainable CSR strategy.
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Mens Providence Jacket

Providence captures the essence of the Scandinavian lifestyle, the slightly fitted, medium short cut and tasteful detailing make this jacket functional enough for day-to-day duties and smart enough for hanging out in town. Providence features a reverse YKK main zipper and a horizontal high gloss zipper on the left arm,..


Womens Providence Jacket

Ladies version of Providence, our crossover jacket Providence has captured the essence of the Scandinavian lifestyle, the mix of classic style and new cool designer details makes this jacket suitable for both strolling at the seaside and hanging out in the city. The jacket is medium short and slightly fitted. Reverse Y..