Screen Printing

Screen Printing
We provide screen printing services for clients no matter how big or small the screen printing job is. If you have a small run of 20 tees or a larger run of 2000+ tees, we can help you! We are involved in all aspects of the screen printing process and are more than happy to inform our customers of the way we do things. Our team are dedicated to printing and legitimately love their work. With 6 years under our belt, we take pride in each and every job and our main aim is to get what’s in your head out into the world. If you’re starting a brand, printing your annual conference tees, a school looking for new uniforms, printing some promotional tees for a special event, or a large corporation needing some competitive local production we can cater to your needs. Screen printing is technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. Nylon inks are used for fabrics with a high nylon content or stretch factor (such as polyester and lycra). Plasticol inks are used on all cotton rich products. It’s the ideal decoration for a variety of fabrics and large format applications, at a low cost. Advantages: Suitable for large format applications at a low cost with a large impact. Applications Recommended Products: T-Shirts, Polos, Sweatshirts, Hoodies Softshells, Lightweight Shells, Athletics & Bags. Our screen printing services includes: Screen Exposure & Filmwork Setup, Waterbase, Discharge, Plastisol, Simulated Process & 4-Colour (CMYK) Process Screen Printing, Pantone Matching for Screen Printing, Tag Screen Printing, Oversized Jumbo T-Shirt & Over Zip Hoodie Screen Printing & Special Effects Inks for Screen Printing.
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Screen Printing Services

We provide screen (silk) printing services for clients no matter how big or small job is; This T-shirt printing process has been a round for a long while. Screen printing mixes new technology for creating artwork by separating designs in to their component colours, while using traditional screens or stencils to build u..


Screen Printing, Exposure & Filmwork Setup

Give us your artwork and we’ll produce screen printing filmwork (which is yours to keep) & expose it onto a screen, these setup costs are a one off. It don’t apply to a standard reprint of the same design. Print quality files are required for every order, when available. We require .AI or .EPS files that are not bi..