For over 50 years we’ve been making travel clothing and creating memories. Go prepared and get the most from your adventure. That’s the ethos behind Craghoppers outdoor clothing. Inspired by world travel expeditions, we’ve been designing trail-blazing outdoor clothing and protective travel equipment for over 50 years. There’s much more to our outdoor clothing than first meets the eye. We produce and continuously improve innovative fabric technologies to develop the performance of our outdoor wear and travel clothing, so that you have the very best protection, wherever you’re travelling, and whatever climate you encounter. Quality is important to us. That’s why all our outdoor clothing and equipment is guaranteed for life. You can rely on your outdoor clothes from Craghoppers to shield you from the elements, whether you’re trekking through the rainforest or scaling a mountain. You won’t find more durable and hard-wearing outdoor clothing anywhere else. When it comes to practical travel items, we offer functional and lightweight travel clothing, from insect repellent trousers to UV protective shirts. And because we’ve been working with explorers and adventurers for decades, we know exactly what you’ll need when it comes to world travel necessities. Our travel clothing offers proven protection and functionality for adventurers, who, like us, love to explore the world around them. Every garment we make not only looks the part on and off the trail but is the result of years of research and development into cutting-edge fabric technologies and designed to make your adventures safer, simpler and more comfortable. Craghoppers Technologies - NosiLife. Season after season we refine and enhance technologies to perform in the great outdoors from Keswick to Kathmandu. We’re committed to helping you stay agile, dry, fresh, warm, cool and protected wherever in the world you venture. Our proven innovations are here to guarantee you quality, function and purpose in every piece of clothing. Back in 1965 when Craghoppers outdoor clothing hit upon the idea of turning a passion for travel into a bona fide business,the team felt like they were embarking on an exciting and at times perilous trip into the unknown. Looking back, their perseverance paid off and Craghoppers is now recognised as a global outdoor and adventure travel specialist. The world may have moved on over the last 50 years but our mission today is the same as it was all those decades ago - to create comfortable and practical clothing ranges to help our customers stay on the trail as long as possible. And every year, we get that little bit better. By introducing new designs, using the latest technologies and bringing to the mix that special spirit of innovation our products are more comfortable, lighter, more waterproof, insulating and sun protective than ever before. We are now the world leader in outdoor and adventure trousers and one of our greatest successes is NosiLife - a complete lightweight adventure collection that provides permanent and safe protection against biting insects and the diseases they transmit. We believe it has made a real difference to hot-climate travel. Today we are privileged to share our wanderlust with millions of people - fellow voyagers who are as keen as we are to explore the furthest reaches of our beautiful planet and to share their experiences with others.
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Classic Kiwi Pants

They're not our best-selling outdoor trousers for nothing, sun-protective, insect bite-proof and ready for action wherever and whenever you are, Kiwi Trousers put other, more expensive, trousers well and truly in the shade. Pick a pair this season, head out on the trail and you'll never look back. Craghoppers Classic K..


Kiwi Convertible Trousers

When space is at a premium, it makes good sense to pack clothes that will earn their keep by performing more than one function, our best-selling convertibles certainly work hard for their living, offering comfortable, sun-protective and insect bite-proof performance in short and long formats. Double the trousers with m..


Kiwi Long Sleeved Shirt

Perennially popular, Kiwi classic outdoor shirt is built for the outdoors and is tough enough to endure the rigours of the trail, wherever you're headed, constructed from sun-protective, insect bite-proof fabric for reliable, effective coverage that's hard to beat. Craghoppers Kiwi Long Sleeved Shirt (CR013): 65% Polye..


Kiwi Pro Action Trousers

Engineered to deliver outstanding technical performance, these agile trousers offer unrestricted freedom of movement for the active outdoors all year round, while providing effective sun protection and a water-repellent finish. Challenge them to the ultimate workout and see where they take you! Craghoppers Kiwi Pro Act..


Kiwi Short Sleeved Shirt

Our versatile outdoor shirt is constructed from classic Kiwi quick-drying, sun-protective polyester cotton with insect bite-proof tech for a no-fuss approach to year-round adventure. A classic walking shirt with impressive credentials that's built for the trail. Craghoppers Kiwi Short Sleeved Shirt (CR014): 65% Polyest..


Womens Kiwi Pro Convertible Trousers

Full-stretch construction will give you the edge in the active outdoors but if you pick these convertibles, you'll get built-in versatility, too, quickly and easily transformed from trousers to shorts in the time it takes to operate a zip, Kiwi Pro Convertibles are a smart investment. Made from slightly stretchy, splas..


Womens Kiwi Pro Stretch Trousers

It's easy to see why Kiwi Pro Trousers are so popular with outdoor aficionados, the outstanding performance combined with a truly flattering fit equals superb day-long comfort and protection in the active outdoors. Exceptional, agile outdoor trousers for year-round adventure. Craghoppers Womens Kiwi Pro Stretch Trouser..